Video – Sampling the Stinky Durian Fruit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Blogging has once again taken a back seat as we dig into the second phase of our travels here in Southeast Asia. While we work on wrapping up posts from our Latin American adventures as well as our pit stop back home, here is a sample of a weird and wonderful Asian food – Durian.

This “king of fruits” is famous throughout the region for its stinky, rotten odor, which has earned it the dubious honor of being banned in many hotels and other public places. So, how does it taste? Watch our video from Kuala Lumpur to find out!

3 thoughts on “Video – Sampling the Stinky Durian Fruit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  1. Si @departureboard

    The beloved Durian, loved by locals, loathed by many. I also like you had to try it, luckily I don’t have the strongest sense of smell so didn’t suffer too much there, however the taste…oh that texture, not good. I struggle to see the attraction personally but each to their own!

    regards, Si

    1. Erik Post author

      Hi Si! Definitely worth a shot to see what all the fuss is about. I also don’t think we’ll be rushing to try it again soon…

  2. Malaysia Travel Guide

    I am glad that you tried it. The Durian, dubbed the “King of Fruit” by the locals is loved by most of the people here. Some are sweet, some are bitter, and also mixture, which make eating a Durian full of surprise. For those who cannot the scent of Durian, maybe they can try mangosteen instead (the Queen of Fruit).


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