Photo Friday – 4th of July Fireworks Over the Hudson River

Going against our own advice, we decided to watch the New York City Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks from the Manhattan side of the Hudson River this year. After strolling to the Hudson Yards area around 8:30pm, we crossed a couple police barricades on 11th Avenue before camping out in a spot on 33rd street. The streets in this area slope down towards the river, and this extra bit of height proved to be a decent spot for watching the fireworks.

Unfortunately, we weren’t tuned in to the right FM radio station for the synchronized soundtrack, “curated” by Usher. It definitely pays to research this ahead of time – once we had staked out a position, our cell phones were having a hard time connecting to the internet to figure out which station to tune in to.

Macy's synchronized fireworks over the Hudson River.Macy's synchronized fireworks over the Hudson River.
Macy's synchronized fireworks over the Hudson River.04-Jul-2013 20:33

It was still a nice show, but once again, we recommend crossing the river to Weehawken, New Jersey for the best views and the least fuss.

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