Korean Barbecue on “Meat Street” – Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea

A visit to Seoul just wouldn’t be complete without checking out a Korean Barbecue restaurant. These are great to visit with a group of people that can share the food – luckily, we were able to join a couple of our new English teacher friends who helped us navigate the menu and work the grill.

The streets of Hongdae, near Hongik University, are lined with dozens of barbecue restaurants – the perfect way to extend a long night at the thousands of surrounding bars.

While we waited for them to fire up our grill with hot charcoal briquettes, we ordered drinks – beer and makgeolli (a cloudy Korean rice wine which is traditionally served in small bowls).

Patiently waiting for our meal to cook!Patiently waiting for our meal to cook!
Patiently waiting for our meal to cook!09-Jun-2012 23:02

I’m not usually a big fan of kimchi – the pickled cabbage dish which is consumed with just about everything here. There are actually many different types of kimchi, and we soon discovered some are quite delicious! With our meal we enjoyed a spicy, soupy version with tomato that was served warm. It sort of tasted like spicy bloody mary mix.

We all sat around salivating as Peter grilled up our selection of marinated pork and chicken. Luckily, the meat is thinly sliced so it only takes a few minutes to cook.

Workin' the grill.Workin' the grill.
Workin' the grill.09-Jun-2012 22:58

There are more than 30 Korean BBQ restaurants on “Meat Street” in Hongdae – a must-do when visiting Seoul!

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