Honduras by the Numbers

Entering Honduras, we had no idea what to expect. Nobody we know had ever traveled or lived there, and the only things we’d really heard about the country were the great diving and the recent political coup in 2009. While we only spent time in Copán and Utila, we found Honduras to be full of friendly people, great sights, and delicious food.

So, how did our numbers add up in Honduras?

Favorites/Least Favorites

Favorite Place: Water Cay (Utila Cays)
Least Favorite Place: Tegucigalpa (dodgy capital city)

Favorite Foods: Baleadas (a tortilla folded in half and filled with beans, cream and cheese) & banana bread (warm, huge moist slices for 50 cents!)
Least Favorite Food: Baleada served at a Wendy’s fast food restaurant – disgusting!

Favorite Alcohol: Port Royal Beer
Runner Up and Most Consumed: Salva Vida Beer

Sunset - Utila, HondurasSunset – Utila, Honduras

Sunset – Utila, Honduras09-Jul-2010 20:30


Favorite Accomodations: Alton’s Dive Center
Least Favorite Accomodations: Ruby’s Inn (we had sandflies IN OUR BED and got the most bugbites we have ever had in our lives)

Favorite Sight: Water Cay. This beach is absolute paradise. White sand, crystal blue waters, palm trees, fantastic snorkeling.
Biggest Disappointment: Copàn Ruins

Offbeat Must-See: A drug plane crash. We rented a golf cart to drive across the island to find a plane that had crashed last year, but we never found it.
Must-Sees/Dos: Utila & scuba diving

Other Numbers

Days in Honduras: 18
Distance Traveled: 566 miles
Cities/Towns Visited: 7 (Copàn Ruinas, San Pedro Sula, Utila Island, Utila’s Jewel &Water Cayes, La Ceiba, Tegucigalpa)
Bus trips: 4
Hours on buses: 22
Boat trips: Heather, 6; Erik, 10 (including dive boat trips)
Taxis / tuk-tuks: 7
Golf carts: 1
Bicycles: 2
Planes: 0
Beds slept in: 8
Rooms with A/C: 3
Nights under mosquito net: 2
Beaches: 4
Oceanfront docks: 4
Swimming pools: 2
Ruins: 1
Pyramids climbed: 3
Traveler’s stomach incidents: 3
Days on antibiotics: 18
Near-death experiences: 1 (Heather while solo-snorkeling in rough waters)
Bugbites: hundreds
Museums: 3
Restaurants: 41 (2.3 times per day)
Sunburns: 2 (1 each)
Pictures Taken: 1,077 (Honduras) / 5,860 (Total, trip thus far)

Average Daily expenses:

Food: $30
Lodging: $27
Transportation: $16
Drinks: $7
Activities: $31 (high due to Erik’s SCUBA diving course)
Misc.: $6
Total: $117/day


We knew learning to dive would be expensive, so it’s probably no surprise we ran over our estimated budget of $85 per day. We didn’t factor in a couple expensive overnight hotel stays (one in San Pedro Sula and the other in Tegucigalpa) which greatly added to our total daily expenses. In addition, we ate out at restaurants more than twice a day, which really killed any hope of hitting our target budget.

Most /Least Expensive

Most Expensive Lodging: $195 (Intercontinental San Pedro Sula, to intercept Erik’s credit card package – Yikes!)
Least Expensive Lodging: $7 (Alton’s Dive Center for an oceanfront room)

Most Expensive Meal: $25 (Indian Wok, Utila)
Least Expensive Meal: $1.26 (Baleadas in San Pedro Sula bus station)

Most Expensive Beers: $1.85/bottle (Coco Loco, Utila)
Least Expensive Beers: $0.80/bottle (Alton’s, Utila)

About Heather

Heather and Erik set off on a round-the-world trip in April, 2010, travelling overland through Central and South America before getting engaged in Antarctica. In 2011-2012 they tackled Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

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