Celebrating Six Months on the Road

Six months ago today on April 20, 2010, we left the US and set off to see the world. This adventure is absolutely incredible and no matter how much we write about it, it will never come close to fully encapsulating our experience. You have to live it.

In these past six months, we have travelled through 8 countries, over 8,000 miles to 63 towns and cities… and we are still thirsty for more.

We thought today we’d share a bit about what we’ve learned and how we’ve changed in the past 6 months on the road:

Waiting for a fallen tree to be cleared from the road near Ingapirca, EcuadorWaiting for a fallen tree to be cleared from the road near Ingapirca, Ecuador

Waiting for a fallen tree to be cleared from the road near Ingapirca, Ecuador10-Oct-2010 11:34


Patience – Late, crowded, and hot buses, missing reservations, filthy bathrooms, and incessant hassling are all par for the course. Learning to deal with less-than-ideal situations like this has made us more patient and understanding. Why sweat the small stuff?

Erik getting us bus tickets, Veracruz, MexicoErik getting us bus tickets, Veracruz, Mexico

Erik getting us bus tickets, Veracruz, Mexico10-May-2010 13:27


Spontaneity – People are often surprised to hear that we rarely book accommodation in advance and have no set itinerary. In fact, there are many situations where we completely spontaneously pick a destination or activity, and jump in with little preparation. These experiences tend to be real adventures and are some of our favorite memories.

Erik helping a school girl carry home a water jug, Utila, HondurasErik helping a school girl carry home a water jug, Utila, Honduras

Erik helping a school girl carry home a water jug, Utila, Honduras19-Jul-2010 12:11


Humility – We have grown accustomed to being perpetual outsiders in foreign lands, and with this, learned to understand our hosts’ way of life while respecting our privileged position.

Eating ants (hormigas) in San Gil, ColombiaEating ants (hormigas) in San Gil, Colombia

Eating ants (hormigas) in San Gil, Colombia05-Sep-2010 19:12


Courage – We’ve both challenged ourselves, trying new things like exotic foods and adventurous activities, while often stepping outside of our comfort zone. With the courage to tackle these things and plunge into the unknown, we’ve enjoyed powerful experiences, learning not only about the world, but also about ourselves.

Erik making guacamole with his collapsible bowl, Cancun, MexicoErik making guacamole with his collapsible bowl, Cancun, Mexico

Erik making guacamole with his collapsible bowl, Cancun, Mexico25-Apr-2010 14:16


Resourcefulness – Living out of a fairly small backpack, you learn to make the most efficient use of everything. No doubt, its made us appreciate the modern comforts we took for granted at home, but at the same time it’s also made us realize you don’t need all that to be happy.

Six months may sound like a long time – but really, we’re just getting started! We look forward to new adventures in the next chapter as our trip continues Around This World.

8 thoughts on “Celebrating Six Months on the Road

  1. Merideth

    Heather & Erik — I continue to love reading the blog! I’m curious to hear more about the Galapagos and/or Ecuador…

  2. Bob Curtis

    Six months! Hard to believe. Thank goodness for your blogs, e-mail, Facebook, and Skype – sort of takes the sting out of missing you guys so much. Enjoy the rest of your trip, and KEEP WRITING!!! the dadder

  3. Lisa

    Thanks for writing this! I’ve been following along the past 6 months & I can’t believe it’s been that long either! For a while there I thought you were done blogging (I have followed blogs where they all the sudden stop writing).

    Anyway, my husband & I are still in the planning/saving process for our RTW trip & reading blogs like yours helps us stay motivated! I love that you guys do a summary of each place that you stay & the 6 month wrap up is great because it shows people that taking a trip like this can be fun, but takes hard work. I think I’m most worried about my impatient tendencies. . . I’ve even started “practicing” in long lines at the grocery store. 😛

    Thanks again for the inspiration & I look forward to seeing what happens next!

  4. Betsie Larkin

    Congrats Guys! I remember well talking with both of you on the last night we saw you in the city. Heather, your reservations about certain places, the unrest in some of your planned destinations, and the general excitement. I knew this was bound to change you both in certain ways and it’s so nice to hear that it’s been so positive 🙂 You’re an inspiration for all of us wound-up city folk. We miss you and would still love to meet you somewhere on your path… It sounds like we’ve got a fairly large window of opportunity, time-wise!

    1. Erik Post author

      Thanks Betsie! We miss you guys too – it would be awesome if we could meet up somewhere enroute. We’re still trying to figure out how to get out of the continent – hopefully we’ll have a better idea of what we’re doing/where we’ll be soon 🙂


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