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The San Pedro Prison Tour, La Paz, Bolivia

It’s not listed in most guide books, yet travelers up and down the “gringo trail” in South America talk about it nonstop. “Have you been to the prison?” they inquire of anyone that’s passed through Bolivia. The “prison” they are referring to is the infamous San Pedro Prison, located off a quiet, pretty square in […]

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Finding the Bright Side of La Paz

While we had a rough start in Bolivia’s capital city, all was not entirely terrible. To start, Heather took advantage of the cheap prices in the city by getting her hair cut. She had needed a haircut for at least the past three countries, so I was very surprised one day when she arrived back […]

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Struggling in La Paz, Bolivia

We had heard good things about La Paz and were excited to finally arrive in this bustling, capital city – the highest in the world at 3,660m (12,000 ft) above sea level. Try as we did to like it, though, La Paz just kept letting us down. First, I came down with a serious case […]

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