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10 Things We Love About Backpacking The World

A while back, I got some heat about our “10 Things We Miss About Home” post. I think some readers misunderstood the angle I was going for and the suggestion was made to write a future post about the positive side – which we thought was obvious! There are numerous pluses, of course, so here […]

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Top 10 Things We Miss About Home

This past Saturday, we entered our third country – Honduras. After two and a half months on the road, we are having a fantastic journey so far – all of our senses, thoughts, and emotions have been expanded and heightened. We are experiencing what can only be described as an amazing, life-changing adventure. However, life on […]

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Welcome Calorie Count Visitors!

Erik’s first weekly Calorie Count blog post was just published, Try Something New Today, discussing some of the interesting foods we’ve sampled so far on our journey. If you’re new to, you can read more about us, see where we’re traveling, and go through our gear. For the latest updates, follow us on Facebook!

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Our New York City List

After deciding to take our trip around this world, Heather and I started making a list of things we wanted to do in New York before leaving.  The general idea formed after reading the Best of NYC edition of the Village Voice and realizing there was a long list of restaurants, bars, activities, shows, and […]

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Bon Voyage Party

We were blessed with unseasonably warm weather for our final weekend in New York – perfect for the Bon Voyage party Heather and I held at our apartment. It was a marathon day, with the first guests arriving around 3pm and the final guests leaving around 3am, but we thoroughly enjoyed spending time with friends […]

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