Bon Voyage Party

We were blessed with unseasonably warm weather for our final weekend in New York – perfect for the Bon Voyage party Heather and I held at our apartment.

It was a marathon day, with the first guests arriving around 3pm and the final guests leaving around 3am, but we thoroughly enjoyed spending time with friends and family we may not get to see for more than a year.

While I initially resisted the idea of holding a party in our small 1-bedroom apartment – angling instead for a gathering at a local bar – in the end it turned out to be a perfect send-off.  The warm weather allowed us to open up the roof deck and spread out the crowd.  We also had the chance to demo our gear and let guests try on our backpacks.

Thanks to all that attended.  For those that couldn’t make it – we hope to stay in touch and see you again soon.  And for all – come meet us somewhere enroute!

10-Apr-2010 14:27

10-Apr-2010 15:31

10-Apr-2010 15:39

10-Apr-2010 16:10

10-Apr-2010 16:16

10-Apr-2010 18:33

10-Apr-2010 18:43

10-Apr-2010 18:52


10-Apr-2010 20:40

10-Apr-2010 20:41

10-Apr-2010 20:47

10-Apr-2010 21:13

10-Apr-2010 22:09


5 thoughts on “Bon Voyage Party

  1. Mike

    S’great to meet you two in Cancun. I am looking forward to watching your trip progress.

    Best of luck, safe trip, have a BLAST!!!

    1. Heather

      Muchas gracias, Aunt Beck! We are having a great time. Still in the Yucatan. Tell Chuck we are using our Spanish and doing ok so far. We shall see how long that lasts. Love to all in NY! H&E


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